11/18/2005 - PEOPLE, IT HAS BEGUN... Desert Sessions news
PEOPLE, IT HAS BEGUN... Finally, after way too longof a wait, the 1st series of desert sessions, #'s 1 thru 6, are gonna be reprinted & available for purchase by April of 2006!!! Both in Limited edition vinyl & CD; However, the vinyl will be in the gatefold style that 7&8, 9&10 have come in, just so ya know. That way, those of you that have the originals will not get the Hi, Hard one. It will not affect the value & overall kick assery of your Originals, so spare us all the worrywart style bitching & whining. "Now, will my Man's Ruin one's be worth le..?" SHUTUP!!!!! QUIT WORRYING, IT'S ALL GOOD PEOPLE. The New Year is gonna be a whole new year!!! Many more changes to come in '06 for all of the sites!!!! Grab your ankles it's gonna get loose...
11/18/2005 - Do Stuff/ Wiltern poster art ummmm GOOOD!!!
So... The deal is that 1, maybe 2, pieces of art from the Do Stuff section will be made into limited edition QOTSA Live @ the Wiltern posters. The Winner will get a bunch of the posters made & a little bit of dough from the posters sold. It's a good thing when you get involved & make the "Art Car" go. Thanks to everyone that puts their effort & their art forward for all to trip on... Remember kiddies "if you do nothin', you get nothin & if you DO STUFF you get STUFF!!" The Good Dr. Insider
1/29/2005 - hrm... what to do
it's about 12:33am... what to do. I found this site, ULC.ORG. You can become an ordained minister... can you believe this shit? You can marry your slutty roomate.. or join her in holy matrimony with that granola dude down the hall. Man, anything is posssible... Check this.. I just won 40 bucks in a high stakes game of Texas Holdem.. stumbled into my house with 2 tacos from Taco Bell. I was drunk off my ass!!! if you believe that game has anything to do with skill.. god you are totally wrong. Well.... I digress.... Dr. drunk insider
2/23/2004 - Desert Sessions will be playing at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival May 1st.

Click here
for an article at billboard.com.

Watch Desert Sessions's performance of I Wanna Make It Wit Chu
on "Later with Jools Holland"

Check out the latest new video from the Desert Sessions 9/10

Desert Sessions Vol 9&10 released on October 6th in the UK.
Available on CD and Limited Edition Double 10" vinyl
See the Desert Sessions live on Later with Jools Holland on 24th October

DOWNLOAD "Powdered Wig Machine" (2.5MB mp3)
10/25/2005 - Vote for Queens on Yahoo! Music
Hey everyone. It's time to do your part ya hear? You should go to http://music.yahoo.com/promotions/digitdisit/default.asp and vote for QOTSA. Don't let Michael take the cake..